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Airrex Digital Air Suspension Systems...

You may or may not have heard of them, but be warned, you're going to know all about them very soon!

Airrex is taking the UK by storm, and for good reason! They offer a kit for an absolutely huge variety of cars ranging from an Audi A1 to a Ferrari 458...they have it covered.


Why Airrex?


Airrex kits boast quite a few advantages over other air ride kits, for example:

-Damping adjustment on all kits

-Threaded bodies

-Plug and play management

-Wireless remote control


Airrex kits include digital air management systems which are supplied fully assembled and leak tested from the factory, saving up to 10 hours over other management systems. All the primary control components - valve block, compressor, air tank and purge valve - are contained in a composite wood casing with a smoked acrylic window.



The Struts:


The struts are of outstanding quality. They feature a range of  sleeve, bellow or multi link air suspension struts depending on your application. Every Airrex upper mount is CNC machined from 6061 aluminium and then hard anodised. High density polyurethane bushings and/or high performance bearings completes the package to ensure exact fitment and durability.

Full threaded 12 click adjustable dampers 

Just like a coilover set up, Airrex struts can be user adjusted for maximum drop or maximum comfort at driving height by simply loosening the lower lock collar and turning the damper and the air spring assembly up or down.

Bellow or rolling sleeve air spring

High durability 2-ply air springs help provide both a comfortable ride at driving height and maximum drop when aired out. The air springs are carefully chosen by Airrex engineers for each application to ensure correct spring rate and proper clearance of the vehicle.



The next big thing?....We think so!!

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